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Dpe. This situation is probably due to the fact that a large number of the I abortions in northern Europe are performed after the third month of ation-35 percent in Sweden for 1949 and 25 percent in Denmark for 5-57 (72). The reason for this unfortunate delay is the long procedure of ication to a committee which takes its time in reviewing the application in giving permission for an abortion.
\astern Europe. Case fatality ratios from legal abortion in eastern Europe much lower than in northern Europe: first, because the law is more liberal
therefore more apparently healthy, low-risk women are included in the Dminator; and second, because most operations are performed in the first onths of pregnancy.
n Hungary the mortality due to induced abortion is very low. Klinger (75) ;s that the number of deaths from permitted abortions is currently 2 or 3 year. The number of deaths resulting from spontaneous abortion or abor-
performed without permission is higher, reaching 20 to 25 annually. 3 re induced abortion was legalized, the mortality rate was much higher, i 80 to 100 women dying yearly from complications of illegal abortion. :ial investigations by Hirschler (76) indicated that the case fatality ratio the period 1957-58 was 0.0056 percent calculated on the basis of 15 :hs following 269,000 abortions. For the following 4-year period 1960-3, the ratio dropped to 0.0031 percent, or 21 deaths among 670,000 1 abortions (77).
n Czechoslovakia during the 1957-1960 period (78), 16 deaths occurred mg 236,000 legal abortions giving a case fatality ratio of 0.0068 percent, he following 4-year period 1961-1964, the ratio dropped to 0.0012 per-;; there were only 4 deaths among the 140,000 cases studied in 1963 and 4(56).
limilar very low abortion death ratios are reported for Yugoslavia (79) and nania (80).
'apan. The abortion case fatality ratio in Japan in 1950-1963, given in le 10, is very low. However, the case fatality ratio is not as low as one ild expect in a country with such liberal abortion laws. One reason is that ly abortionist-doctors underreport nonfatal abortions in an attempt to ice their income taxes.
Western Europe. The safety of legal abortion in western nations with rictive laws varies according to the degree of liberality in interpreting the >, the place where abortion is performed, the stage of gestation, and the th of the woman. The fatality rate is declining in many countries where ;titioners are skilled and the use of antibiotics is common practice, n Switzerland, for example, the abortion laws have been interpreted rally in recent years. A large number of reasons are accepted for therapeu- in this line. See also J. D. Wray, "Population Pressure on Families: Family Size and Child Spac-